Camina Melila 10270 Montevideo

CP 12500 M.G.A.P. Authorization Nº 224

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Lorsinal S.A. is a beef company, located in Uruguay, focused on high quality chilled and frozen beef. Our brands are: Lorsinal, Lorsinal Black Angus and Don Emeterio (Grainfed products).

The company meets all the sanitary requirements for the most demanding markets, being food safety, animal welfare, high quality and social responsibility are the key pillars in our mission.

As a company, we meet the requirements to export to China, European Union countries, Russian Federation, USA and other markets.

Our Products

We offer grainfed and grassfed pork, beef, chicken, lamb, veal and ship directly to our customers around the globe. Great quality, fast shipping, best prices.


The lambs we supply are of high quality with the best cuts by our butchers which meets exportation standards. Independent inspectors provide quality control on all shipments.



The right cut at the right price. We know every single part of the pig and are proud to supply high quality pork items. We do the best quality checks and ship to any port of destination.



Lorsinal, the “red-meat” experts. We make sure our animals are healthy and slaughtered in the most humane way. Our customers can be assured that our beef is of high quality and passed a critical quality control.


best sellers

We offer the best quality products both fresh and frozen.

Pork Sides

We offer all cuts of high quality pork meat. Our pork sides are available all year round.

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Quality animal hearts ready to be shipped worldwide

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Animal tongues with great quality ready to be shipped to any port worldwide.

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Pork Riblets

We offer all cuts of high quality pork meat. Our pork riblets are available all year round.

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Pork Head

We offer all cuts of high quality frozen pork meat, pork heads are available all year round.

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Beef livers

We offer beef livers of high quality at farms and factories themselves. Sourcing beef livers with the greatest care.

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